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July 01, 2009


Man, what a ride. I left the house at just before 9am and headed out with a vague destination and a goal of trying to hit at least 500 miles. I left my home on the coast and headed toward Natchez. After reaching Natchez and taking a break to marvel at the mysterious and powerful waters of the Mississippi, I headed toward the Natchez Trace Parkway. Although I've travelled the entire Traceway in a cage with my family, I've been wanting to hit it on the bike for a long time. As soon as I got onto the Trace, I knew I was in for a treat. If you've never travelled this road, you are missing out on something special. I got the Road King up to speed, set the cruise control and just settled in for the ride. The next thing I knew, the sunlght had started to fade and I had travelled nearly 140 miles on the Trace alone. I knew that I had to start heading home, as I had not planned for an overnighter, so I reluctantly got off at Ofahoma, MS and headed toward Carthage for gas and a southbound route. From Carthage, I headed south on state highway 35 and meandered my way back to US49, near Mount Olive. From there, I found myself in the dark, cool embrace of night. As I closed the gap to home, the trip became bittersweet. Although I was ready to get back to my family, I was a little sad that the day was coming to an end for me. By the time the Road King was safely back in her stable, I had logged just over 550 miles and been on the bike for nearly 12 hours. Truth be told, I could have easily done another 5 hours without even thinking twice. Oh, well...I guess I can try again next year. Hope everyone else had as much fun as me. Ride safe!

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