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June 28, 2009


That was the best single day of vacation, I have taken in a long time. The weather was nice and the ride was great.

66 miles Monday night. Went to see the ocean at Nantasket beach. Ride safe everyone.

Monday, June 29th, we departed downtown Milwaukee at 6:30 AM from, The Iron Horse Hotel heading home to Albertville, MN. We took I-94 West leaving the smells of downtown Milwaukee for the fresh country air. First stop Summit Corners, Old Pabst Field for Starbucks Coffee. We then headed west for Lake Mills, took County Road 89 towards Waterloo, WI. We then picked up scenic 19 and headed west, thru Marshall, Sun Prairie, Token Creek, Lake Windsor, Waunakee, Martinsville, AH!!!…the smell of FRESH country air!!! We continued on to Highway 12 to Sauk City, WI, where we picked up Highway 60 to Spring Green. The clouds were ominous the wind was gusting as we ventured towards Lone Rock and Gotham. We then took 14 North too Richland Center and took a potty break. Refreshed we got back on 14 and headed northwest thru Bosstown, Sugar Grove and Readstown. We then took 14 Northwest to Virqua… very cold at this time and stopped for fuel and a sugar fix. We then continued onto toward Lacrosse, the ominous clouds remaining over head, releasing drops…Should we pull over and suit up??? Nah not yet, let’s keep cruising. Up and down, around the curves, viewing the scenic hills and watching the clouds. We continued to Lacrosse via 14 and 35. Whoops…missed 16 and 61 into Minnesota now on 53 North at this point our stomachs are talking. Continuing on 53 to I-90, crossing into Minnesota taking 61 South into LaCresent looking for a place to eat with no luck we continued our venture toward Prescott. We arrived in Prescott at 4:00 PM and located an awesome restaurant at the base of the Root River Trail…”The Old Creamery” 1919 Root Beer, need we say more. Now with a full stomach we geared up again to continue towards home. We took Highway 16 thru the Root River Bluffs toward Highway 52 heading toward Rochester, MN. Arrived in Rochester and watching the clouds and the wind contemplated, should we continue or spend the night. Ahh…we made it this far let’s keep going…onto St. Paul we went. We took Highway 52 to 94 and arrived home at 8:30 PM. 466.4 Miles later….A little sore but nothing a good glass of wine can’t cure….GREAT RIDE!!!

Just wondering do we keep extending the time to enter miles until it reaches 5 mil. Seems to ruin the point of setting a goal.

I was excited as well to participate in something nationwide! I didn't get to put as many miles on my 08 FatBoy as I would have liked, but did ride to work and back totalling 42 miles. My boss thought I was crazy. Of course she's still getting used to one of her managers being a biker chick! LOL
Hello to all my HOG sisters and brothers! Hope we hit the big 5 Mill!

I combined my MMM ride with some public service work -- cleaned about 3 miles of roadside. Enjoyed both the ride and the work.

Yesterday of all days, I was not able to ride my 94 Electra Glide to work as had been my plan. I had to take a colleague to the airport and did not think that I'd be able to carry her and luggage, even on my bagger! However, I was not going to be denied the chance to contribute at least a little to the cause. When I got home from work at 8:00 p.m., I jumped on my bike and ran a few errands to make my claim. It was only 10 miles, but I knew that every mile was important and I was glad to participate for the second year in a row!!!!

Drove to the North End Pub in Oxford,Mass.Had a Beer came back to East Brookfield,Mass. Grand total 32 miles.I forgot all about the ride. But at least I did 32 miles I guess? Jack T.

It was really nice to take part in a worldwide effort from the back of my own ride, knowing that the entire community would benefit from my modest input.

off and on rain day in Niagara Falls, Canada.(eh) It was a chapter ride and I'm the director. I'm the only one that showed up.. LOL.. maybe they are trying to tell me something... hummm... Maybe the group didn't know that the rain would actually wash off and the Hogs would still run..LOL.. Rode 87 miles after work and only hit a few sprinkles and mist from the actual Falls. Low traffic too for a tourist area. If it wasn't for this one day event, I probably wouldn't had gotten the bike dirty and stayed home. Thanks for an excuse to ride on a Monday after work . I'm ready to do it again... Yeah baby !

Million Mile Monday was a perfect riding day, rode to work in Carrington ND and after work rode my 05 Classic around Devils Lake ND. Could ask for a better day to ride. And oh yes the growing Devils Lake gets bigger everyday. A total of 284 miles.

Along with my bike (PURPLE HAZE, 2008 Sporty), my rider for life (my wife) and myself we made 250 miles, although a little hot in Central Calif, a little sun burn, we made it.

Yes I rode 812 miles yesterday from Columbus, Ohio to Callahan, Fla. In fourteen hours what a ride. I have a 08 Roadglide I'm in Love.

Rode from Leesport Pa To Lesage WV for hot dogs at Hillbilly Hotdogs. Small group of 5 left 4:30am. I got home around 8:45. Great ride total of 942.2 miles for me.

Left Quebec City at 11am and drove to Ottawa. Mostly pouring rain but had a good ride anyway. It was actually the 2nd leg of our trip as we left Moncton, NB on Sunday and rode as far as Quebec. Total ride was just over 1200KM and logged 445KM for MMM.

Yesterday was million mile Monday, I had to work so I took the long way and logged 276 miles on the way to work.

My brother and I rode to the NC coast from just east of Charlotte. We took the long route and it was a great ride. Our trip odometers didn't agree (his read a little more than mine) but when we parked them for the day we had logged 498 miles each. Go get em!

Houston, TX - Great day for a ride. Only to work, though. Took the longest path on a nice cool morning and enjoyed every second of it. Afternoon ride home was on a scorching 108 dry, no wind type of conditions. Got home all sweaty, hotter than my pipes, but happy we were on the road. God it feels good to ride! Be safe and keep smiling - Life is good on a Harley. 51 miles

Riding over & through the mountains here in paradise. There's nothing better than riding my Springer Classic with my wife on Oahu with blue skies, puffy white clouds and beaches all around you! Any excuse is a good one to take off work and ride!! Rode in alot of circles get 428 miles!!

Tried to get 200 miles in but the rains came and was only able to get in 141.

started the day with the idea of logging 300 miles but ended up with 372, not bad. the weather was great and my therapy lasted for 6-7 hrs. life is good!

Got off work, Rode to Murfeesboro TN. Got 2 tattoo's. Roded home 4 hours later, Showed the wife the Tats. Awsome.Thanks H.D.

Got 210 miles in riding with my Bucks County PA Chapter buddies. Starting out doing some back roads in Eastern PA and ended the day with a 70 mile jaunt down the Jersey Turnpike to meet up with Ben Weeks and his crowd as they pulled into Mikes Harley Davidson to end their trip. Great day, great friends, great weather!

My first MMM!! What a kick!! I did 110 miles in the blasting Southern California heat! Good time to try out my new HD Hydration Vest......I was impressed. Totally an honor to be a part of this! I don't know whether I will have a job from one day to the next, but I bought a new 09 Softail Deluxe anyway.....so SCREW IT, LETS RIDE!! Love my new BIKE!!

Trying to save leave so I commuted to work on Monday (as usual) to clock 18 miles (29 km). Middle of winter here in South Africa, but perfect crisp weather for riding. Glad to see the folks from the Southern hemisphere (New Zealand & Australia, etc.) also did their bit! Roll on those miles! Regards and ride safe!

spent a great day riding with my pops left at 9 in the morning here in michigan went from grand rapids to brighton HD and back by 3 to make it in to work we both logged over 280 miles each him on his 08 road king and me on my 98 heritage great times

I am still reflecting on the trip we took as a group. The Vallejo, CA chapter took off to support MMM in an all day affair. We put down over 300 miles each in some of the best times we've shared. 11 of us including 1 new member had the beauty of the California coastline to the peaceful back country farmland all in 1 day! I wish I had the video...

Cape York Chapter (Cairns, Queensland, Australia) - 4 bikes met at 7am for a quick run up to Palm Cove for breakfast and to see the sun come up over the Great Barrier Reef. Unfortunately we all had to head off to work, but still managed to get 94km logged over the day for the MMM.

It's 1135 here in Portland Oregon---And the Sunset Chapter #1814 put on 2 rides today--one in the morning (10 riders showed) and one for after work and (9) showed. We logged almost 4000 miles as a club. After P.O.T. we decided as a club to sponsor the event by promoting instead of just letting individuals IF they heard about it do the ride---doing our part here in Portland where the last group finished at about 10:15 pm---what a great day we had in OREGON

recently having upgraded to my 09 Heritage Softail, theres no better way to break her in! Ride On-Be Safe!!

San Mateo (CA) HOG had 17 participants. We logged about 215 m. riding down through the Santa Cruz Mountains to Monterey and back. Temps ranged from the 90s in the valleys to the 60s near the Pacific. Mostly sunny though.

Having being ill since last February, and not being able to ride, it was a great day to participate in the million mile ride! I was only able to rack up 60 miles, but it was a beautiful, clear, warm Nebraska day, perfect for riding! Now that I'm back in the saddle I hope to put on a lot more miles in the future!

Great to hear of the success stories folks! However, I would only be able to add my .0000000001 miles to the total as a dead battery would not let me participate. (I did move the bike an inch or so)
This is a very cool event! I will ensure I am up and running to be sure next year.

San Bernardino HOG Chapter #0300 (Southern California): I'm the Ladies of Harley Officer for our chapter and we just got home from an "after work dinner ride." 29 participants on 21 bikes - just finished logging all of our cumulative miles, as a group we contributed 3,104 miles toward MMM's goal! Thank you SBHOG'ers for coming out and showing your "Screw It, Let's Ride" attitude - you're all awesome!

Today, for Million Mile Monday 3 good friends got together this morning for a breakfast ride before work.
This evening after work, 5 good friends and a new found friend went on a dinner ride. We sat on the deck of the Dockside restaurant, laughing,telling stories and eating before we lined up to finish our ride.

What a terrific day! Thanks,
Harley Davidson for this great new tradition.

Cold front came thru the Midwest last night making today a great riding day. Temps down and humidity gone! And I found out I need to go make a trip for work. Able to ride and log it as a work day to boot!

The Golden State Glendale Chapter had 15 riders on today's 415 mile ride to Morro Bay for lunch. Not only was the trip perfect, we missed the scorching heat in LA! Saw lots of bikes on US 101 and Hwy 1 today. The scenic route is the only way to go.

After starting the day with a Plant tour in Kansas City, I rode the 625 miles home to Milwaukee, passing both the Buell Plant in East Troy & the Powertrain Operations in Wauwatosa. The weather was perfect all day long.

What a day! The American Heartland Chapter (Greater Kansas City,Missouri) Had two different rides to choose from today!! Some went west to Kansas, I chose to go with the group headed east through Missouri. About 24 members & 20 bikes hit the trail. Just one highlight of our trip was a ferry ride across the Missouri river due to a bridge being replaced!
When I stopped riding today I was just shy of 300 miles!!!

Just got in from 440 miles of pure fun.From OKC-Tulsa-to Hogeye Ark. than back to OKC.It's going to take a few days for this smile to leave this mug :).Power to the Hog people,yes.This was my first MMM ride.Let's really kick it up a notch,on the next one???Had a blast.Really enjoyed puting forth the effort for the cause.Age 59 and every time I ride,the clock goes backward,go figure!!!Got to thank my woman for putting up with me on her birthday.Thanks Jeanette...LY

Well, it was a fantastic day. The first day I have ridden to work in a long, long time. It was great, especially coming home. A couple of friends and I went for burger to a neighboring town to log some miles. An hour, a burger and a rainstorm later left us riding in the country under a rainbow, what a sight. This would not have happened if not for HOG and Million Mile Monday. Thanks for a great day. I'm looking forward to next year!

Paul ~ Aurora, Colorado

OK, so the day started off with me giving my 14 year old a ride to soccer practice (3 Miles) a run down to get a friend and the 2 of us take off on our bikes and head for Carbondale. 5 hours later we stop and have lunch with friends in C-dale. Take her for a ride (1 mile) then home again, Pick up my 3 year old from grandma's place and gibe him a ride home (1 Mile). All told I had a passanger for exactly 5 miles and they are not getting those logged as I can not honestly say I had a ride for all 501 miles. I'm red, hot and tired but would do it again tomorrow if I did not have to work.

I live in Jacksonville, Fl., JAXHOG, and work SE of Augusta, Ga. I left the house Sunday at 5 PM and got 9 miles from the house before turning around and going back home. I watched a movie, killed some time and took a nap till midnight. When I left again it was 12:30 AM. 223 miles later at 4:45 AM I arrived at the Ga. house and went to work all day. Sleep deprivation never felt so good.

Got up extra early today and took the long way to work, about 41 miles, vs. the normal 7 mile one way trek. I planned to take the same long way home, but heavy rains forced to to take the normal way. (It hasn't rained in 3 weeks, and it picked today to restart, bummer.)

Headed to OKC rally on 6/24 from Indiana. After the rally we went to the Stockyards in Ft. Worth, then headed home yesterday and finished the trip today. Great weather all the way, but HOT! HOT! HOT! About 105 to 110 four of the six days. So glad we could participate again this year. Hope everyone had a fun and safe ride!

Rode 195 miles ran from Cinci to Indy, great riding.

We added our 500 miles each after riding from Union, MO to Portage, MI on our way home from Club HOG>

Participated in my first million mile ride last year. This year, much better! My lady friend and I joined about a dozen riders from Sweetwater HOG in National City, CA and rode up the I-5 and on the Ortega Highway with lunch at Hells Kitchen. Inland to the I-15 and back to the San Diego area. Tropical storm dumped a little water on us, but was the first MM for my lady friend and she totally enjoyed participating. We logged 231, so 462 for us. Congrats to all who took part!

38 bikes and 43 riders from the Great Salt Lake H.O.G. chapter left South Valley Harley Davidson for a ride through the Wasatch Mountains to Evanston, WY, then to Bear Lake, UT, then on to Logan UT and finally back to SLC. Each rider clocked more than 300 miles on the ride. What a Ride! What a Day!

I and 6 of my fellow HOG members each logged around 500 miles each today by finishing our trip back from OKC Club HOG. Springfield,MO to Rock Falls,IL

Just got home from 294 miles along the Columbia River and NE Washington. Warm and sunny. FANTASTIC!! Me on my springer, my wife on her deuce and a friend on his ultra. Kudos to you military folks, been there, done that, got the retirement check.

Today wasn´t the most ideal riding weather, but managed 101 miles ordering and chasing down ag machinery parts, thus my ride had a second purpose. Why not motorcycle parts? Because my Sportster is a good ride!!

Our second day of the ride home from OKC and Million Mile Monday to boot....logged 485 miles each with eight bikes. Sunshine, blue skies and thankfully cooler temps from the triple digits in OKC.

It was such a nice day today with the perfect weather all day.

Our Hog chapter had 3 rides today and since I took a vacation day, I was able to complete all 3 rides with the group and total 435 miles for the day.

It feels good to be apart of something awesome! My husband and I rode 92 miles. When we left Phenix City, Al at 8 pm it was still 90 degrees but it just did not matter. The ride was awesome!

Everyone Ride Safe and God Bless

What a super MMM for Angie and me on our '08 FLHRC. Both of us took the day off, just so we could ride the MMM. Logged 370 miles today through 2 states. Went thru more small towns than we can remember, but is always nice to see the guys on tractors or in trucks, always have time to wave at bikers.
Morninmg started out cool, ditched the coats by lunchtime, did a tour of the Terry Redlin Art Center in Watertown SD. A must see, if in the area. A long 10 hour day, but was well worth it. We will make this an annual event!

Under threatening skies, Michiana-Elkhart HOG Chapter 2061 had 17 bikes / 22 people on a 'Ride and Have Fun' trip just to add miles. Personally, I got in 152 miles today. Meager by some standards, but still a contribution!

What a great MMM. Me and my buddy took off work today. Met for breakfast at 8:30 a.m. then took off. We rode 310 miles today. From Sterling Heights, to Lapeer (stopped at Ray C's HD Dealership), then Caseville, Port Austin (for lunch). Down along Lake Huron to Fort Gratiot (HD Apparel Store) then to Port Huron (Gilbert's HD Dealership). Then down to through Marysville, Anchor Bay, Mt. Clemens and home. It was my longest ride to date on my new 2009 Street Glide. We rode through rain twice but it was a great day to ride . . . you could not wipe the smile off my face! Just downloaded my certificate and ordered my pin. Thank you HOG and Harley Davidson for fantastic day and many memories!

What a great day - my 61st Birthday - a greeat ride with my wife, my brother and sister-in-law and a stop for a "Gunderburger" in Gunder, Iowa. Worth the ride to this little burg in the middle of nowhere (northeast corner of Iowa)- the "One Pound Burger" was outstanding - but the ride was better.

We rode home from The National Rally In OKC Started at 4:30 am Sunday Got home In Vansant,VA At 5:15 am Monday For A Total Of (1,113 Iorn Butt) Miles, But We could Only Count The Last 348 Miles For Million Mile Monday

I went on my ride after work only fifty miles - but heck I ran over my first groundhog on my hog - go figure-

75 degrees in western Washington state you bet I'll ride. Short after work ride it's about quality not quantity , I'll take the day off next year. Live to ride

2 million down, 3 more to go! As of 9:30PM, the total was 2,001,954. Every time I click refresh, the mileage increases. This event is AWESOME!

Got my 110 miles thru the farm country of Michigan. Lapeer, Silverwood, Clifford, Imlay City, Dryden, Oxford.
It was great!

What a Great Day to lead Ben Week, Regional Manager of Region 7 and his entourage from Michigan, and parts throughout Region 7 into Steel City Harley-Davidson for a break and food. H.O.G. Members from Washington H.O.G., Donora H.O.G., and Alle-Kiski H.O.G., more than doubling his crew brought the group in and led them out so Ben could continue on his journey through all of his states in Region 7, to end at Mike’s Famous Harley-Davidson for an evening soirée!

Rack up the miles Ben…You did Region 7 proud!!!

Started out as a rainy day in New England, but the afternoon rocked. Rode 114 miles on my E-Glide and another 10 on a '09 Nightster.

Hot hot hot day in central Texas, but still managed to work in some good miles (69) especially in the evening once it started cooling down My first Million Mile Day and hoping for many more to come!

Wow!!! Left home (near Timpanogos Harley in Lindon Utah) a little after 8am rode 270 mi to Zion Harley (near St George Utah) turned around and rode back. With a few stops for gas drinks and lunch got home around 7pm. 537 miles total. Does that qualify us for the Iron Butt Award? What a day...

We took off about 7:30 this morning and stopped at 7 HD dealers to get our Passport's stamped for the big bike giveaway at the Michigan Rally. What a ride- if people only knew what was in their backyards. We love MMM.


I'm in the middle of an ABC tour to ride to all of the lower 48 states plus some of Canada. Today found me leaving British Columbia and heading east. What perfect timing for MMM. For those addicted to information overload, it is 554 miles from Fort Steele, BC to Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan.

I left after work going from Frederick Colorado to Cheyene Wyoming only to meet up with a big thunderstorm blocking the way. Not wanting to get wet I turned around and took the long way to a favorite roadhouse and had dinner. I logged 101 miles total.

Last year I posted 115 miles. This year I posted 171 miles. Next year I will post 227 miles. Can't wait!!!

Lucky me. I rode to work. 341 miles. Normally I would travel by car or a plane trip. The weather is great and the customer I am visiting is close enough to drive. 3 months with my new 09 Ultra and I will be due for the 5000mi service. Mainly weekend trips!

well i could used ive got water in my basement, its been raining here in maine almost evryday this month but i cant ride with out working so my fisrt bit of mileage was to and from work, wet ride ill add and then i went to nh cause my local harley shop had a mmm promotion i logged slightly less than 100 for the day now i am inside drying out watching the mileage climb and by the way should hog be sending us the pin and patch for particapating? boy you like to soak us as much as the rain, just had to say that maybe next year maybe id by a t shirt if you sent me a patch and pin, thanks to all that rode today and thanks to hog for a great organization and thanks to H/D for a great ride i love my FXDI 06. been to americade in NY and laconia in NH next stop Barrie Ontario hope to see you there take care

Left Tennessee at 7:00 A.M. this morning heading back to South Carolina on the last leg of our OKC ride. Rode 10 hours, clocked approx. 600 miles with a total trip of 3400 miles in 10 days with 9 days of a heat wave with temps 100 + degrees in the saddle!!! WHAT A RIDE!!!

What a day! Rode 760 miles with my son on my '08 Ultra Classic. Rode to the York Vehicle Operations factory. Met up with a friend his son and a buddy for the tour. The 2010 models were in production so we'll have to come back to see the remainder of the tour. Caught a glimpse of the yellow fender of a touring model on the line... Perfect weather, flaky GPS, great ride.

Purchased my first motorcycle, a Dyna Super Glide '09, on June 5, 2009. Completed my MSF class on June 28. Rode my Harley for the first time today and logged 17.3 miles. It's been a long time coming!

Left the house 6:45 am, took an enjoyable 518 mile ride that started in west central WI, headed to southwest WI, to pick up The Great River Road,WI HWY 35, along the Mississippi River,road north, to HWY 63 north to HWY 64 east, to HWY 53 south, back to home, got lucky and missed the rain that was all around me. Anytime that you can is a great time.

Rode with Ben Weeks after he stopped at Steel City Harley in Washington, PA, for lunch.

Accumulated 136 miles on that run.

Came home to meet my daughter after her work as she wanted to take her Sportster out to gain some Million Mile Monday miles.

The weather looked bad, but the Weather Channel said 0% chance of the wet stuff.

We started out under cloudy skies,and ran 54 miles before turning around to head back home.

Guess what, we were rained on three times during the trip home. My daughter, Rachael, rode like a Pro through the cloudbursts, she made me proud!!

We each rode 57 miles that time. We both had ear to ear grins in the driveway!

Participated in my first MMM today on my 2008 XL1200L (1st bike). Turned my 11 mile commute into 60 this morning - in the rain through 3 New England states, and added 47 more after work without the rain! Id like to give a shoutout to the Leominster, MA chapter for doing all SIX New England states today!

Left home this morning at 7:30 am with five great friends to ride on MMM. We had a great ride from Edwardsburg Michigan to Detroit Michigan and home. We met a friend in Ann Arbor who rode around Detroit area with us. Our day was enjoyable and we logged 2,274 miles.

Had some business today at the Seattle aiport. Rather than fly up from Salem, Oregon, where I live, I decided to ride up. Had to log some miles yesterday, Sunday, but I was able to enter 259 for today's event! Perfect weather!!

Nothing is better than taking your 2 loves for a ride, my Lovely wife of 29 years and my '03 Heritage Classic! Then going for a great dinner ride and participating in the Million Mile Monday!
It doesn't get much better than that! Everyone that is participating knows that it's all good!
Thanks Harley for a great idea that everyone can feel like they are part of the big family all in one day!

Took the day off work and rode all day with my husband, we had a great day together and between us added 405 miles to the cause, this is great.

This morning 12 members of the Albany (GA) HOG Chapter set out from the dealership and rode down to Daytona Beach for lunch. Great Ride! Round trip just over 600 miles each, all total over 7,000 miles. Thanks to everyone who braved the heat, great fellowship and great memories.

The FL Heartland HOG Posse rode from Lake Wales, FL to Gulfport, FL today. There was a 60% chance of rain and we found it in Ruskin. However, there was no whining as put on the rain gear and headed to O'Maddy's for lunch on the bay. Each ride and passenger logged in 224 miles for the cause. As we say SCREW IT LETS'S RIDE !!

WOW watch those MMM miles adding up - Go HOG Members. We had an awesome ride last night NZ time 29/06/09, albeit short, to our chapter meeting - took the longer way home to add a few extra miles for the cause! Planning on a 12.01am start for MMM 2010. Ride safe and free HOGgies worldwide. Shirley, Auckland NZ

Man, I had big plans of riding today. But the lightning and thunder storms just wouldn't give up. Thanks to my wife, who didn't want to miss out on this, said" come on lets just do it". So we put on our rain gear and safely managed 23 miles. Every mile counts I guess. I sure hope next year is better.

I continued my ride home from "work" at CLUB HOG OKC. Me, Hanaway and Greg from the PDC rode from just west of St Louis to Waukesha/Crudahy/Hartford WI. 393 miles for me! Let's do it again next year!

Wife and I rode 100 miles
after we both got home from work. Was a very enjoyable ride on our 08 E-glide classic.

Last year: cast came off my broken ankle at 1:00 and I was only able to ride about thirteen miles. This year: no broken ankle, no cast. Blackie, my 08 XL1200R, and I hit the road about 10:00 and logged 366 miles on a beautiful day in Tidewater Virginia--and picked up some ABCs points, too.

Today WAS the day! Just got back last night from an awesome rally in Montana and logged over 1600 miles, and then turned around this morning and put on over 300 today with 43 of my best friends. That's over 13000 miles for our group! We are on our way to 5000000!
Thanks for giving me an excuse to take the day off!

This is my first Million Mile Monday, but it won't be my last. Me and a group of friends added about 1500 miles to the cause with a ride through The Great Smoky Mountians National Park and taming the Dragon (Hwy 129). Another great day and ride!

Well, it was a hot one here in Northern CA with temps over 100 degrees but my daughter Jenny and I were determined to participate in our first million mile ride. We took off on my 08 Electra Glide Classic from our home on Travis Air Force Base, rode through Winters, up to Lake Berryessa and down through the hills toward Napa before returning home. Thanks HOG for providing another chance for me to spend time with my teenage daughter. With all the deployments to the desert these days, every opportunity is a golden one.

What a perfect way to start a week after a perfect weekend at Club HOG OKC. Cheers to all the new friends I met this past weekend at Club HOG. I left for work an hour early and logged 50 miles before work and it was so hot here in OKC (those that were here for Club HOG know what I mean) after work that I took a 45 mile ride to get ice cream. 95 miles total and will try to get another ride in later when it cools off. Keep the odometer spinning fellow riders!

Butch and I combined an Iron Butt Bun Burner and Million Mile Monday into one awesome ride. We left Annapolis MD at 1:00am Monday and rode to Florance SC and back. We put in 1023 miles and still made it home for dinner!!!
What A Day!!!

Just got home - 8:00 pm. Up at 4:30am, coffee, on the road by 6:00 am. We called it the Monkey Butt Boogie Ride for our HOG Chapter ride. 500 miles. I logged 483 from my garage to my garage, don't know about the others. No rain until 10 miles from my house coming home. Close enough, great day, hot in Florida. Thanks Al, who came up with our ride up one side of St.John River and down the other, 10 our us total. See ya all next year!
Ellen, Space Coast HOG, Palm Bay, FL

Today......we ride!!! I rode last year and wouldn't miss this year's ride. I invited two Harley friends for M3 and we rode to "The Wright Cycle Company" (The Wright Brothers Bicycle Company)in Dayton, Ohio then rode to Urbana, Ohio for lunch at "Crabill's Hamburgers". Beautiful day in BUCKEYE country. We each logged about 100 miles for the effort. GOOD LUCK EVERYBODY!!!

I am new rider and just feel so happy to be part of this ride... My Sportster and I did 38 miles... Wish it could have been more.. Its a dream come true to be riding my own Harley.

i couldnt wait for mmm it made me feel apart of something cmon people get out and ride!!!

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