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June 29, 2009


Rode 225 miles on my 08 FatBob
Went to vist a friend that lives in our Montana State Capital, he just got a new Heratige Softtail and picked it up 2 weeks ago. We rode around the capital and took some great pictures of our advententures from the day. Was one of the best rides I have done yet this year. Looking forward to next year. Will submit some very nice pictures when i get a chance.

Up here in the northeast it's been wet and cold. I still managed to mount my scooter (07 ultracl) and log 100 miles up to Seacoast HD in NH. Next year hope to log more miles. Thanks for hosting the MMM!! Anyone going to WVA state hog rally?
bye!! Boston Dave


We had fun. We rode safe. Most of all, it was such an emotional run for all of us. While H-D has been around in Lebanon since the 50s, it was only till this year (2009) that we got our official chapter, the "Lebanon Chapter". A 25-year civil war that tore our nation and communities apart, followed by 15 years of political unrest that capped freedom of expression, and the absence of a H-D dealership made it impossible for us avid Harley bikers to join H.O.G. But, after much effort and with the support of H-D Europe management, who flew in and witnessed how passionate we here in Lebanon are about everything Harley-Davidson, we got our big break: we got our Chapter and we were finally HOGs!So, Million Mile Monday this year was extra special. We had the opportunity, for the first time ever as the H-D bikers of Lebanon, to be part of a global event. Wow! The miles may not have been that much, but they sure were sweet. God Bless!

I managed 81 miles on mmm. I worked monday so I took the long way to work and the longer way back home. Glad the time was extended. The cut off should be moved to the end of the day on Tuesday. if it was extended to the end of the day we might have made our goal.

I was able to ride 450 miles with my cousin Raymond. We had a great day of riding in New Mexico. Day off work....priceless!

Work, Rotary Club meeting after work, mow the lawn inbetween rain storms. Still managed 52 miles! Not much by some standards, but the best I could do. Only 17 last year, so am improving. Wish I was in a position to say, "Screw it, let's ride"

I made the best of Million Mile Monday. I chose a route some time back in preparation and hit the road early on Monday. A couple of co-workers joined my ride (non Harley) because of where I was headed. The day was quite breezy and overcast, but I managed to accumulate 412 miles. I will have to agree with some others about the extension of time to get the miles turned in because it does give some people a chance to pad the number, however we all can get out there and ride for a goal. We can also make it a point to other motorists that motorcycles are out there more than just on weekends. My only question, at this time, is why push the goal? Ride safe and ride free.

Thanks for a great ride excuse I managed 460 kms /235 miles in an awesome rain storm. I had a great day anyway and was happy to see others out on a rainy day. Any one wanna help cleaning my bike
Milton Ont HOG

Why was the cutoff time to enter extended. If fake miles are added so our goal is achieved then it is no accomplishment. This ruins the point of mmm.

Thank You!! Thank you!! Thank you!!! H.O.G. I not only got to enjoy a ride with my Husband but I also racked up 279 mi. towards my 10,000 mile pin. Only 49 mi. to go. Wish I had known I was that close we would have ridden more. Also, 8 points for ABC's of Touring (I go nowhere without my current HOG magazine and camera.)Thanks again HOG :-)

I couldn't wait to get out of work so i would be able to go home and get my bike,but do to crazy construction traffic i was on able to get 25 miles on mmm. Thats not all i also forgot to log on when i got home and add my miles to the countdown so if we miss by only 25 miles you can all blame me...

Porkchop and I were determined from the get go that we were going to do our part to help HOG achieve the 5 million mile mark. We headed north out of Fort Wayne,and since we are participating in the passport program for the Michigan Dealers Association, we decided that MMM would be a great time to visit some dealerships, get our stamps and tickets for the bike drawing. So, 7 dealerships later and 538 miles each - we had a great day, the weather cooperated, much cooler than the temperatures we had expreienced just a few days before while participating in the Indiana State HOG rally. We saw a couple of lighthouses in Port Huron and met some great people. Wish we had been in OKC to ride with you Sara!!! Hopefully you will get to Jim Baileys again some time in the future - thanks for sharing your story!! I hope we achieve our goal!!!

After a weekend that saw us ride from Bakersfield, CA to Lake Tahoe on Saturday in sweltering triple digit heat. We departed South lake Tahoe on our MMM return to Bakersfield via Reno, Donner Pass, and Sacramento to the Hwy 99 southbound. A total of 485 miles each. Didn't see very many other H.O.G. members out which was disappointing to say the least. It was great to be able to participate this year and to those of you who did participate I bid you congratulations and God speed on your next ride.

Aloha Richard,
See you next week. Glad your ride was good. Then again you are in paradise


My wife, Christie (06 Deluxe), and daughter, Chelsea (05 1200 Custom) joined me (06 Ultra Classic)for a ride from Burke, VA out to the upper third of Skyline Drive, then up to Winchester HD before heading back home. Total miles: 200 X 3= 600 miles. Happy to do our part.

Fairfax HOG Chapter

Only made 10 miles. Like a so many of us, life gets in the way. I feel fortunate to have gotten my miles in while so many others are doing the real work around the world.

Thanks for the post about the extension. We understand your concern and point of view. The extension is because of high call volume and web traffic. We want to make sure the members who want to log their miles are able to do so. We received several requests from members asking to have longer to enter miles due to how long on Monday they were riding and their work schedule the next day. We are trying to be accommodating so everyone can participate. In hindsight we should have allowed entries through end of today instead of by noon to allow for time for everyone to get things logged into the system. We will correct that for next year. Thanks for your post!

By allowing more log time, ruins the whole meaning of Million Mile Monday.

I decided to do my saddlesore 1000 ride for mmm and took the day off, leaving at midnight and returning about 8 thanks to gridlock traffic due to an accident blocking the lanes during rush hour and then I picked up the girlfriend to ride some more. I logged 1136 miles for the day but when I went in to log my miles I got a message that there was a 1000 mile limit per member so I wasn't able to log all my miles for the day. It doesn't seem very accurate if a ceiling is placed on the members but at least I was able to log in 1000 of my miles.

Gee whiz, it is now 1:52pm Central time and miles are still clicking off. What gives, thought NOON was the deadline? Kinda takes the challenge out of the MMM if miles can be logged on until the 5 Million is reached.

Aloha JT and the Gang..Here in Oahu, Hawaii is about 100 mi. around and back to my house. I made my own 300- miles
route, and the rule is NO SHORT CUTS. I went twice in the the same location and its
FUN, I took my Samoan-time, and even stop at the Pet Shop to pick up a 50-lb bag of feed for my 2 birds, and tied on the back seat.I came thru Waikik and Everyone was looking, who said the Monday Miles is only to ride? Ill do this again next year. I went to Larry'S house to drop off the 50-lb and went out for more to meet my 300 goal, Thats right, Go on your own way...Lots of FUN. especially riding the 08'Ultra.


Honolulu Hawaii Chapter #0833

Last year I was working so I only logged a few miles. However, this year the economic downturn got me... so I had plenty of time to ride. It was a beautiful day so it seemed like a perfect day to ride to Deals Gap and slay the dragon (twice). 426 miles!!

My brother and I went out after work on our '07 Road King Classics and logged 105 miles on a very nice evening in north Texas. The heat gave us a break and no wind - what a ride!

I rode to work and back in sunny California. The morning ride was 79 degrees. The ride home and around Folsom Lake was 110 degrees. Wow was it hot but worth it.

What I did on Million Mile Monday by: Sleepy

Well I forgot my bag at the last rally that I attended so I got a twofer by going back and getting my bag as well as recording 201 miles for the day. The rest of the time I spent anxiously watching the totals role up. I hope we make it!

HEY!! After logging 1500 miles up to Monday morning during a visit to Kentucky, I went to Ohio to visit my son in Columbus. From Columbus to home was 516 miles of just great riding! Hope everyone had as good a time as I did. And just as safe!!!

Two riding buddies and I headed out of Clearwater, FL., under an unsettled sky toward Clewiston, FL., jst south of Lake Okeechobee. We were in and out of rain all day, but we managed to chalk up 385.1 miles each toward the year's total.

Our chapter had a small group (15-16) do a 250 mile ride in the morning and we had another group working people (24) do a shorter evening ride. I decided to do both because I was lucky enough to have the day off. Morning ride was pretty hot, but the evening ride was perfect. And thanks to our secretary for compiling all those miles

Although I logged 402 miles in 2008 ,i was only able to do 33 miles in 2009. I had to bring my son and his family to the airport and i had 2 employees out from the office. keeping me behind the desk. after work and 2 hours of much needed rain i started out at 800 pm to do my HOG MMM part as i headed on the open road,the smell of the fresh rain and the sun going down, really gave me a charge. i wish i could have rode off into the sunset there is always next years mmm

I work in law enforcement and due to vacations, I was unable to get the entire day off, however I did get clearance to take off 1/2 day for the ride. Leaving work at 1230 and an air conditioned office of 75 degrees, I drove home, jumped on my '08 Deluxe and started heading south on State Route 99 in 108 degree heat. In Bakersfield at about 1330 I saw the temp was now 110. I ventured to just north of the grapevine and drove back across the highway and headed back to Bakersfield for some needed hydration. I walked into a sports bar and had to answer "yup" several times to the statement, "pretty hot day to be ridin' huh"? It reminded me of the saying, "If I have to explain, you would'nt understand". The choice was clear; spend the day at work in a cool air conditioned office or jump on the bike in 110 degree heat and do 170 miles for the cause. 'Nuff said!!! P.Fred in Visalia, CA

I only managed 42 miles on Monday, but that put me over the 25000 mark for my next HOG mileage rocker!

Well, I'm a working stiff, so an all-day ride was out of the question. I do ride to work most days and Million-Mile Monday was no exception. After work, I ran a quick errand on the way home and then decided to take a detour for an impromptu ride on the Natchez Trace, one of my favorite roads. I expected to log about 30 miles yesterday, but with a little "stretch", I made it 84 miles on a day that I worked all day. Wish I could have gotten away for a lunch ride... oh, well. Next time!

Unfortunately I couldn't take the day off from work, but when I got home I changed and jumped on my bike and put down 140 miles for the Million Mile Monday. Every time I crossed paths with another Harley rider, I wondered if they were out doing the same thing I was and I would smile. I rode alone and I just enjoyed the time on road and that short feeling of freedom as all my worries of the day disappeared with each click of the odometer. I wish I could have spent the whole day on my bike, but that would only happen if it were called "Million Mile Sunday"!

Baby's First Harley Ride!
I am 13 1/2 weeks pregnant and on Friday got the "ok" from my doctor to ride...So, our baby's first ride was to participate in Million Mile Monday. My husband and I logged 220 miles...What a blast!

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