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June 19, 2009


I am so excited to participate in Million Mile Monday!!! I am a pretty new rider, just bought a 2009 Sportster, and did my first ride the next day, The Top Gun ride in Kennesaw, Ga. My sister in law is in the Riders Safety Course right now as I type this and bought her Sportster a few weeks a go. We have the babysitter lined up, and are ready to go!!!! We are both excited to be new members of the H.O.G. and L.O.H. family!!! We realize our inexperience and won't get in anyone's way, but even if we go up and down Cobb Parkway all day....we are riding Dagonnit!!!!!
Kennesaw, GA

My wife Lori and I are on our last day ride on MMM to our destination from NE Wis. to Hilton Head Island. We will return back to Wis via the Virgina's July 6th the entire trip is on all back roads and scenic routes over 2400 miles! Looking forward to every mile, Lets Ride!

Wellll, I'm retired and work part time. Looks like I won't be working monday, I'll be riding.

It doesn't matter what the weather is, everyone should ride on MMM!!!!!
I'll be riding my 06 Sportster 1200 for sure, rain or shine!!!

Just checked my forecast for MMM...77 & mostly sunny. Do you think my boss will believe it if I'm abducted by aliens...just for the day?? Screw it, I'm riding!

Taking IH-35 you should meet up with the District rep for our area. She will be in Waco at the dealership for lunch and Round Rock at CTHD for dinner. We have a group riding north to meet up and then ride back with her and the rest of her crew. So depending on when and where you are during that time we can get you online.
Cowboy Chapter HOG Austin

We're ready...almost! We plan on stopping overnight after Club Hog and continue home on MMM to help bump up that odometer. We won't be on our own ride though. We embossed HD on the rear of a deer that needed GPS. Thanks to lots of things (like ABS brakes), we kept the bike upright the whole time and even rode it another couple hundred miles to get home. Unfortunately our Ultra Classic doesn’t look its best (that deer did a little of his own embossing), and we’re slated for the Parade of Harley’s in OKC. Our awesome dealership (Dillon Brother's Omaha) felt our pain and is loaning us a bike for the trip. What a great Harley family we have! Time to go finish packing; we leave in the morning to start the first leg of our trip towards Club Hog and MMM. Screw it, Lets Ride!

Well I HOPE I can get some miles on that bike of mine
the clutch has a PROBLEM !!!
but I would like to put some mile on the ride ... making
at least 30 miles your so...
may be 50 :) ...
Thank's Jimmy


I will be in route from Vermont to South Texas. Will rack up nice mileage. Does anybody know if I could log my miles for Million Mile Monday at a Harley Davidson dealership along the way? Hate for the mileage to go to waste.

Last year ended up being a wash out for me, I got all set for the ride and then the skies clouded up and the torrential rain started to fall that and the and heavy winds put over 3 inches in a 5 hr period. This year I planed for the heavy rain:-) SFL rainy season and all. I'm planning to put in 150-200M this year. See you all on the road.

Man, I've been waiting all year for this event! Couldn't ride much last year due to a job loss (new job didn't offer too much vacation the 1st year) and a second bout with a little cancer. Anyways, this isn't a boo-hoo, poor-me story. I'm living for the moment & loving every day! So back to million mile Monday. I was so excited just thinking about it, that I wanted to make sure everything was perfect! So, I figured I'd spend a few hours (ended up being over 4) on Father's Day afternoon to get my bike (100 yr. Anniversary Road King Classic) all shined up & looking good for the my ride to work (1st time taking the bike to work!) - and beyond - the next day. So, I wake up Monday morning, get everything loaded & ready, and as I'm going out the door, I pick up my HOG news to see how to go about logging in my miles for the day. It's only then that I realize that million mile Monday is NEXT Monday! OK, I had to chuckle to myself. Only I could get so excited & be so dumb at the same time. Well, no use in wasting a good thing... the weather was perfect in central PA, my bike was shining like a new nickel, so off to work I went. And it was so nice after work that I was able to log in a mere 190 miles - I consider this to just be a warm-up for the big day! Can't wait... again!!

I'm on the way back from Iraq...will make it by the 25th! I'm planning on putting in as many miles as possible on Monday. I've been looking forward to this since the announcement and my scheduled return date. I was originally worried that 'Murphy's Law' may keep me from the ride...but now it looks as if I'll be fists in the wind.

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