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June 24, 2009


Last year I only went about 8 miles that I didn't log because on my way to work, I ran into the back of a car that was stopped to make left turn.Totaled my 04 Heritage. Off work for 7 months.Went back to work and retired April 1st.Got an 08 Electra Glide Classic for retirement, and my wife,with her 03 Heritage and I rode 385 miles each in the Michigan rain and visited 5 dealerships,like Dan.Had fun.

Three of us went to the Harley Days Rally in Hamburg and we travelled back home on the million mile monday and clocked up 1125 miles we did not arrive home until late on tuesday. I went on the site today to log our miles and was unable as the login was closed. I think you need to allow a little more time for entering the mileage, this seems to be a common request. I think Harley Davidson may of reached the 5 million miles target. I hope you consider this for next year. We had a brilliant rally in Hamburg and will definitely be going again next year.

My wife and I had visited our daughter and son in law in Saint Augustine, Fl. Million Mile Monday was the day We were to return home, so fourteen hours and 781 miles later We were back home in West Virginia. We had a great ride.

With the sun rising on a warm (short to be hot) Monday morning, my better half and I set out on our Purple Haze Sporster for what we thought would be just a short ride before the heat hit, 250 miles later and temp of 108, we made it home, great ride. RIDE ON HARLEY, RIDE ON!

Greetings from Colombia, HOG Colombia Chapter was on the move, we rode from Medellín to Bogotá, more than 20 riders in a total of 308 miles, winding road, beautiful to say the least, smooth ride, beutiful women and lots of fun.

I took off monday to ride the million mile monday and then had t work a double to make up for monday - and was not able to log in my miles! you should have given a bit more time so that everyone could have had a chance to log in! you missed out on my 452 miles!!!

Benny Suggs planted the seed. I hadn't given much thought to Million Mile Monday until he mentioned it at Primary Officer Training in Las Vegas. I figured I could do that! I had planned to ride all day. Instead, I got snagged to work 12 hours! With that done, I ate, showered and at 8:30pm I fired up my 100,000 mile Ultra and headed West. Two lanes are great for daylight riding but darkness and milage on my mind, I hit the superslab. Pure therapy! Only got in 120 miles but glad I got to participate! Thanks, Benny, Schoony and Leah. All great folks to know!

It was my birthday on June 29, so I got the day off. Perfect day with blue skies and upper 70's--couldn't ask for a better day to ride. Rode to my closest H-D dealer (in Colorado Springs)and talked with a couple of buds, then decided to test-ride a new Buell 1125CR. Wow! Can't get over that motor. After getting back on my '08 Street Glide, I felt all that comfortable machinery around me and apreciated it even more. But that Buell is so HOT!!!

Rode 275 miles today--that was my birthday gift.

so, where are we supposed to report our miles for monday ? or don't they want them anymore.


Four friends and I decided to kill two birds with one stone. The five of us, all members of the Peoria,IL chapter of H.O.G. decided as we did last year to combine an iron butt ride with million mile Monday. We all logged about 1200 miles each on Monday. How disappointed I was to find out that I could only log in 1000 miles. I was happy to participate in the day,and thrilled to finish the ride with plenty of time left. Too bad this year I lost 203 mile of my total miles for the day. Still had fun and had a great day of riding. Maybe the 5 million will happen next year.

Like most years, June 29th is marked by 100+ degree weather at home in Arizona, so in preparation for MMM, the two of us brought our Deuce and Fatboy with us to our 4th of July Celebration on the beach in San Diego. From San Elijo Beach State Park we each managed to rack up just over 180 miles along our ride inland to Julian where we stopped for lunch and some home grown apple pie. Along the way we traveled along the scenic byway of San Diego County riding along Del Dios Hwy, Hwys 67, 78, 79 & 76. We capped the ride of with an over look from atop Mt Palomar Mnt and a ride along the coast from Carlsbad to Encintas.

Due to our upcoming trip to Sturgis, SD, I couldn't take the day off, however, I did make it my own personal "Take your HOG to Work Day". I managed close to 100 miles. My part for the cause. I will take off next year to turn it into a full blown day of riding. My excuse would be " I can't come in because I have a Physical Therapy Appointment." Hey, twisting Leroy's Throttle counts! It's great for the wrist! Congrats to my brothers and sisters from Columbia and Greenville, SC who logged ALOT of miles!

Last year i only got to ride 3 miles for the first Million Mile Monday on a borrowed fatboy! This year on my 2009 Crossbones i traveled 300 miles from Atlantic City to New York city, and all around New Jersey! Feeling the wind in my face on a 80 degree day along the shoreline, couldnt be any better!

June 29th a day for putting on miles an easy thing to do usually but when those miles lead to a funeral they mean much much more. My Uncle had passed away and to honor a 20 year army veteran I rode my bike to his funeral service and to the burial where the VFW honored him with full military honors. With bad weather threatening and tears on every ones face he was laid to rest and I rode the many miles home thank full for a country that honors those who have served. I spend as much time on my road king as I can and that ride was deeply moving. Ride free

12 of us from the St. Augustine H.O.G. Chapter (Florida) went out in our wonderful 94 degree heat, with high humidity, and rode, through the rain too, 530 miles. Glad we could contribute 6,360 miles to the cause. SCREW IT, LET'S RIDE!!

great day I, have put off getting a picture of a house I insured until today. It was 34 miles from my office I took a couple of intentional wrong turns on the way back and ended up riding 257 miles I was on rt. 135 in Kentucky after crossing the ferry in Cave In Rock Il. and in one 34 mile stretch I met 2 cars the whole time. Thanks for the day I wouldn't have taken time for HOG.

Well, it was 113 degrees in Fresno, CA but we still pulled off 115 miles. My husband was on his '06 Heritage Softail Classic while I was on my '07 Dyna Street Bob. Riding the foothills in the Central Valley was great fun but would have been better if it were a bit cooler.
We usually try to hit the different HD dealerships when we ride becasue I collect charms. We were a bit disappointed that most of the dealerships in the Central Valley are closed on Mondays. We had hoped that because this was a special event, some of the dealerships might be open. Maybe next year.
All in all it was a great day. We are looking forward to next year. In the mean time "Keep riding"

John and Francie M, Fresno, CA

I'm a little dissapointed on the "Every Mile Counts" where you can only enter 1000 miles! In our chapter, we had three people start their M3 ride at 12:01 AM and logged at least 1068 miles each. It was a nice trip from Pole Tavern, NJ to Bristol, TN stopping at Black Wolf HD in nearby Bristol, NC. We were in Bristol, NC seated having breakfast at 08:45 after almost 500 miles. We were making good time on the way home and decided to hit the Blue Ridge Parkway for almost 100 miles of twisty roads. It was a great Million Mile Monday for the three of us. We had 12 bikes make a trip to 320 mile round trip to Ocean City, MD for a great ride and of course good food. The evening group had an ice cream run which was at least a 50 mile trip. We're still calculating our chapter miles for Monday! What a GREAT Monday!! Usually, Mondays Suck!

some members of hog 229 of fresno county. took to the on this day the high temp of a 108 deg. we roar to the westurn divid hwy in south seirras was real nice in the mountins. no the way home we cooked for two hour across the vally. totle are diff from bike to bike as we are from differant parts of the vally. my was 340 mile a great day. thank to harley davidson.

Today was a perfect day for a great ride-3 bikes (myself on my Dyna Low Rider,my husband and our friend, Doug- both on Ultra Classics)in our crew rolling down the roads of IL and IO. I had some vacation days to use and my fellow riders had days off due to the way things are right now so we said, "Let's Ride!"
Got some ABC's of Touring done, visited a working wind mill, stopped at the Galena, IL H-D store (and got a nice treat of cake, donuts and coffee for Becky's B-day!), went to Poopy's (Savannah, IL) for a great lunch and shopping. Ended up at our home dealership- Kegel's H-D of Rockford, IL and spent some time talking about our miles ridden for Million Mile Monday with staff, fellow HOG members, and Karl Kegel himself. We ended up putting on 282 miles-could have done much more but the stops and getting to ride on some beautiful winding roads was worth it (man, I love those curves!)! Hope you all had as great of a day of riding as I had (and keep on havong them!)!!
Lynnie D, Roscoe, IL

I had to work, but I got up early to get a few miles in before work, and right after, I added another 27 for a total of 77 miles. Next year though, I will be off...

ok harley riders its official stated off in Altoona Ia. and ended up here in Mt. Vernon Il. and i'm not done will be heading to Chattanooga Tenn. in the morningfor a additional 362 and then on to Fort Benning Ga. to see my youngest son graduate boot camp(very proud of that young man)so the ride today was very nice and refreshing on my 06 roadglide with my newly installed Klock Works windshield, worked GREAT now i have to go care for my newly sunburn OUCH take care see you on the other side!

The wife said, "Let's go out to eat." 121 miles later, we returned to the shed...fed. What a great scoot in SE Ohio! Rack 'em up!

I could only add 139 miles because of work but I say "One for all and all for 5 million"!Viva Harley Davidson!

I worked the night shift last night. So, after a short nap, I got started on my little ride. I logged 136 miles. Should have called in last night with HOG fever. Ride Safe.

What a great day to ride. Today is my birthday (57), retired for the fire service and on a great machine. It doesn't get much better than this.

Rode over 505 miles just to meet my friends coming back from OKC ralley

Last year I rode to work (if you can call it that when you're riding??) and i remember how great it felt. Glad to participate again this year. Any excuse to ride is a good excuse. Thank you Harley. Let's hope we make the goal..

my trip ended on friday when truck enter my intersection,only a broken wrist and bruises, haven't ee my bike yet,will be looking forward to next years ride

good luck to all the riders

A quick ride for a cold beer and fish tacos at Chuy's near Simi Harley here in sunny CA was all the schedule could afford today, but it was 50 miles and a chance to see many others out on the road!


Short but oh so sweet! I logged my 116 miles on the superslabs of I-26 West and then I-95 South toward Savanna and back. I had to get some miles in before I ride to work. My Road King Classic loves to eat up the miles on the highway.

I had to take the day off for a dentist appt. I got to ride all over to do what I needed before I leave the city. At least it was another 125 miles for the tally!

When my wife and I got our new '09 Road King and became a H.O.G. member I wanted to be part of this event. I have even planed my vacation to start this day. If you look at a weather map that includes New Hampshire, you will see the wall of water that covers the state. I'm sooooooooo dispointed.

I am down with swine flu, but fired it up for a quick solo ride...13 miles and I'm going back to bed.

I see myself going to work (thank full I have a job) on my Harley. I'll Take the long way to and the longer way from.

I'm having eye trouble today !!! I can't see going to work !!! Ted

On Monday you can look for a ghost rider as I plan to call in dead! Hahaha Seriously, taking the day off work and will be putting in a 300 mile plus ride with friends. Along the way we plan to stop at 4 different HD dealerships. Michigan dealers have a little program going get you passport stamped by visiting dealerships and get chances to win a new HD. You gotta love it . . . killing two birds with one stone! Ride safe! MMM

My excuse for Monday off...."As you may or may not know, before this job I was an Aeronautics Engineer. Well, this morning, NASA called and said they're sending a jet to pick me up; they need my expertise on something."

I am asking for Monday off; I plan to ride to the beach about 300 miles (alone of course) everyone else I know is working! I'll still have fun seeing all the other Bikes on the Road.
I've been riding 34 years. I ride a 92 FXRS Low Rider with ape hangers! Sue N.C.

I decided to take a week of my built up vacation starting the tuesday before million mile monday. The idea was to get in as much ride time before monday, so if I pull off a 1000 mile day, i can say, "See some are sicker than ohers, I guess I 'm just sicker than most."

Or I could have just told them at the office that I am having eye problems. I just couldnt see myself missing the day.

Good Roads all...


Another excuse is you could say you have eye problems. You can't see yourself going in to work that day.

Anyway!!!!! LOL!

My excuse is, I'm the Boss and we are closed on Mondays!

It's about time something was going on on my day off!

Let's hope for more of this great weather we've been having.

Hey Judith - I don't get how hd is making money off this evdent? No cost to participate, just encouragement to ride and have fun. Plus, doesn't harley already do alot to support charities like MDA? I don't think they owe us anything. Really they are giving us a gift by giving us a reason to ride!

I, along with a few million others are willing to do our part to support Harley Davidson, a true American company this coming Monday. Let's ride those 5 million miles on Monday all over the world. The question remains is Harley Davidson willing to support its supporters? I asked this question last year and my blog quickly disappeared off the website. Please Harley Davidson, put your money where your challenge is, donate some of the money you will certainly gain from this venture to a good cause that will benefit others. Your challenge, your choice. Do the right thing this year.

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