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May 14, 2009


The Time here is 3:19 am on Monday 29th June. I have just got back from the Auckland HOG Chapter Million Mile Monday Ride. We had eight Harleys and ten people take part in this ride. We left our departure point at the BP service centre on the Auckland Northern Motoway at 1 minute pass 12 midnight. Thus making this the first Million Mile Monday Chapter ride for the 2009 year. Each Harley covered 160.4 km (100 miles on the ride and further heading home after. The milages will be entered when we can as the site is not up yet as the time here is 10:25am on the 28th June US central time. Our route that we rode is on the Harley Ride Planner called"Auckland Chapter MMM"

Just purchase a new 09 Harley Ultra Classic in March 09. It is a absolute "dream of a ride". Have logged in over 6,000 since purchase. From El Paso, TX to Jennings, LA and back and forth to Houston, Shepherd and other places.

On Monday 06/29/09 will be out riding again for a minimum of 500 miles.


mas que entusiasmado para participar ! con pronostico de 40 grados centigrados en Monterrey NL. Mexico.

I will be taking a ride through the Black Hills on Monday, Loging on the miles and at the same time trying to up the miles I can ride in one trip(limited to what a torn disc will allow). The weather looks like it will be good for a ride in the Hills.
M.A.D. Mike

its Friday june 26th. I have been working 12 hours a day for the last 3 weeks. I have Million mile Monday off and God willing will ride 300 miles . Cant wait / kenny

Will ride to work, 45 miles one way. Then will pick up the wife and ride for a few hours. Hopefully, we can get in about 100 or so more miles. So, for the day we will have 190 or more. Will try to get our children and brothers-in-law to ride with us.

Will ride to work and then my wife and I will ride up to Lake Arrowhead for dinner. If everybody did a little then we can hit the mark.

I shipped my 2009 Screaming Eagle Ultra Cl. to Latis HD in Portland Or. It arrived 6/23. My wife and I are flying out 6/27 picking up the bike and riding to Eugene Or.We will visit our nephew for a couple days . On Monday we will leave and go to Crater Lake and then on a scenic ride thru the Redwoods and on to Crescent City Ca aproox. 350 miles. The rest of the week we'll tour the coast etc and then start are ride home along route 2, hoping to get home on 7/11.

I got the T-shirt on Friday (06-19-09),and I am wearing it on Monday.I take a car ferry to cross the Puget Sound to get to work so can I add the distance that I am on the boat to my total if I stay on the bike while we are floating across?????

I just got my first Harley a 2009 FLHRC Road King Classic with 4 miles on it. I also just yesterday signed up for the HOG Mileage Program, and printed out the ABC’s of Touring Contest form. I am planning on riding to and from work weather permitting and take the very long ride home. Maybe even squeeze a lunch ride in. I hope the rain will hold off so I can do my part!! Right now the forecast for Monday June29, 2009 is for 10% chance of rain.

I am hoping to put miles on for MMM, the HOG Mileage Program, also checking off 1 or 2 places for the ABC’s of Touring Contest, and finally on the same day get miles toward the 500 mile break-in period on the new bike. Tall order put all is dependent on Mother Nature. Maybe I can add to the list of accomplishments and get together with some other Harley Owners for a ride. Ride safe everyone!!

I have no plans other that to just ride a full day and log what I can. You never know what adventures riding in Colorado can bring.

This will be the first MMM that I've participated in and I can't wait. My local dealership Big Barn has a Little Black Book contest, (stop at specified towns- mainly in Iowa & take a picture). Also my chapter (Dm, Ia) #2253 has a scavenger hunt, (same thing- take pictures of you & bike at towns determined by their clues).
I will leave at sunrise & plan on getting in at least 12 towns in the contests. For at least a 450 mile ride.
If I make it to my dealership "The Barn" between 5:00- 6:00pm our chapter is going on a group dinner ride approx. 50 miles away
Note: I will need a good meal after all this!
Just think, riding is fun enough but clicking off Towns to possibly win a couple of contests & follow it up with a good meal with good friends.
WOW this should be exciting for a Monday!
Hope everyone has a safe journey.

Funny story....

I heard about Million Mile Monday. I talked about it with some friends at last weekend's Wisconsin State HOG rally in Appleton WI. So I thought that it would be a great idea to log a few miles. You know, go out with no particular designation, just and follow the front tire for a while. Look for roads with names like Twin Bridge, Rainbow, Hill, Lakeview, you know, the best kind of roads. Smash a few bugs and log some miles; that was the plan. So that is what I did. Today, one week early!

OK, so I will do it again next week. I watched a great sunset from the saddle of my Harley this evening, I don’t see any reason not to do the same thing again next week!

On June 26th, my wife & I will leave northwestern Wisconsin for the Black Hills of South Dakota for three days & nights. Then to Red Lodge,MT.( Beartooth Pass & Chief Joesph hwy); Yellowstone NP & then up to Glacier NP for three nights. Will see how many miles we log on MMM in the Black Hills

me and the wife will be returning from club OKC in oklahoma city on route 66 good luck to everyone from russ & connie tulsa #1 hog chapter.

Greetings from Northern, New York.
A few of us took a pre-ride ride to our destination last week. (about 400 miles). Letchworth State Park- Grand Canyon of the East.
We leave Adams Center- gas station be Iron Block HD at 7:30 AM. Breakfast in Mexico NY, on to the Park and back with lunch and fuel stops in between. Looking at Supper at Dinosaur BBQ in Syracuse. C'mon along if you're in the area and lonely on the 29th of June.
DETAILS goto: Iron Block website- funstuff on menu bar-NNYHOG in pulldown
Ride Safe Y'all
Ride and Have Fun! 5 Mill is easy.
Steve C. Secretary NNYHOG

The challenge has been made for the San Gabriel Valley HOG Chapter in Southern California We have set the bar at 5,000 mile and have rides planned all day leaving from the Laidlaw's HD every hour starting at 9am going till dark

If we don't get rained out (live in S.E. Alaska) I will put some miles on my Harley. How do I record my miles? In this comment pad?

Hey to all my H.O.G. Bro's.
Five of us Peoria H.O.G. Chapter riders are leaving Peoria,IL. riding to Nashville, TN. then to Memphis, TN. and back to Peoria. Let's ride the wheels off them Harley's on M.M.M.

The weekend of the Million Mile Ride we are celebrating an anniversary (our friends, that ride), and Monday is my Birthday! So the 4 of us are taking off from SLC on Friday the 26th, and going to Jackson Hole,and West Yellowstone. We will be coming home on Monday, so it'll be Jackson to SLC for 4 of us. Roughly 1300 miles. Pretty sweet,and what an awesome birthday!!

The Head Road Captain for the Leominster MA Chapter has mapped out a 300+ mile route that will take us to 4 states, not sure how many of us will be out, but we will be out doing our part.

We live south of Tulsa OK and will be at the National HOG Rally in Oklahoma City. From there, we'll travel to Eureka Springs, Arkansas on our 2009 Tri-Glide--spending the week riding different roads we've not ridden before.

planning a northern ontario putt.doing a 3300mile,canadian flies and all trip from sudbury,north-bay than north on hyw,11(trans-canada)to thunder-bay,and south on #17 along lake superior and back home!!!!hoping for cool northern weather,cause the v-twin loves to purr up here in the great white north!!!
to all ride safe,ride often and proud to finally get the 2009 rocker out for some canadian fun...
harley is the best and we all know the rest!!sincerly

This effort by HOG members is a good followup to the "Ride To Work" Monday, which was June 15. I was on a 4-day cycle trip with my brother on June 15, so we were riding AWAY from work, not TO work. But RIDING is the point! I am retired, so riding is the "default" activity for me. Eat your hearts out, you working stiffs! Just kidding. See you on 'the road' on June 29!! (David, HOG member, San Marcos, Texas)

Met with HOG Rep Ben Week. He said he is riding from Sturgis Mi. to Delaware, to hit all 6 states in his region! Me and a few other's from the Sandusky Ohio area plan on joining him! I will take 2 vac. days for this! One for the ride, one for the return ride the next day!

On June 26th my wife and I begin our ride from the Niagara Peninsula in Ontario, Canada to Yellow Stone Park and Red Lodge Montana with two other couples. On the 29th we'll be travelling from Sioux Falls South Dakota to Wall, South Dakota, a distance of 290 miles.

Riding from Ca to KY using the I 40. About 2200 miles and then back to CA going up thru CO and down into the Grand Canyon area and then down thru Sadona AZ. Finely back into CA.

Our Chapter officers are planning 4 Chapter rides that day. We were thinking about riding the interstates to rack up the miles, but what fun is that. We will ride to eat. A total of 3 ice cream stops are planned. All of this on a Monday. HOG, thanks for giving us a reason to say "Screw it, let's ride"

On the 29th we will be on a 14 day fly and ride which includes Seattle Washington, Yellowstone NP, Glaicer NP and Victoria BC. We have been planning since we got back from the 105th anniversary in Milwaukee last year. We have 280 miles in the Cascade mountains planned for that day

I will be riding my 09 Sporty to the Poconos. Will be good for about 250 miles and then some. Good luck to everyone and Expect the Unexpected. Ride Safe. Jim

Can We? Seriously! Of course we can. I’ve never had a challenged to HOG members before where they didn’t deliver over and above what was asked. I predict that this event will be no different.

My name is Kris Schoonover, but most people know me as “Schoony.” I’m the Director of Field Operations for H.O.G. and am excited yet again to stroke a few miles on Million Mile Monday. As I’m planning the trip for this year, I’m reminded of the fun that I had last year on MMM. A buddy showed up at my house near Milwaukee at about 3 a.m. and we decided that we were going for a little cruise around one of the local lakes. The lake that we picked on that day was Lake Michigan. 1011 miles later we were back in the same location that we started.

Now I was thinking, how on earth could I ever beat the experience from last year knowing full well that I probably wouldn’t be able to click the odometer as many times. The solution that I came up with was to ride with you! I’m headed to the National Rally in Oklahoma City and my MMM plans are to ride back to Milwaukee on that day. If you’re interested, look me up in OKC and we’ll ride together. Now I understand that more people are going to ride on MMM than will be at the National Rally. If that’s you, have fun, be safe, and enjoy the ride. You don’t have to take the entire day off and ride. You don’t have to put on tons of miles. Just get out there and fire up your Harley on that day. If you’re looking for a moderate goal to shoot for, commit to at least 78.9 miles (127 km). Why did I pick that number you may ask? Well, as we strive for 5 million miles on June 29th, how cool would it be for you to say that you ro de 5 million inches on that day?

See you on the road!

We can (harley)wait for Monday. Costa Rica has the largest polulation of Harleys in Central America, so we are ready to go.

My son, David, graduates this month as Valedictorian from his high school. He also turns 18 this year on 29 June, so we plan to ride as many miles as possible in a day in the northern back roads of NY north of Albany. With any luck we'll hit about 300 miles plus. If after all that he doesn't beg me for his own Harley I'll be stunned. LOL.
Semper Fi,

My husband and I are planning on riding that day ... how far, who knows! We are new to the scene (only had our licenses since mid-April, and our 2009 Sportster 883 Lows just a tad longer) but took our first 60 mile trip yesterday ... WHAT A RUSH! Though we have some rattled "back teeth" and are a bit "butt-sore", we think we held our own! We can't wait to help in making history and will do it all again (and then some, hopefully) on Million Mile Monday!

me an my wife went on a ride from cheyenne wyo to wendover nevada an hit rain snow sun .this was our first ride an done it in one day 565 miles.we had a very great time an want to ride again on longer some biker from canada an they were very nice.harley is the only way to ride

Last year I road from just west of Chicago to St. Louis for lunch. 660 miles, good food, great time....I will be going back for seconds on the 29th.

Million Mile Monday will be the second day of a big trip my son Brian and I are planning.
We will be celebrating his return home from his 3rd tour of duty in Iraq as an Army Aviator.
We leave Mesa, AZ June 28 on our Harleys (he on his Softail Standard and me on my Sportster) heading for Colorado. We plan to ride up, down and around many of the “wiggle” roads in Colorado until our return to AZ on July 7. On June 29 we plan to ride about 350 miles each.

I work all winter, just to take off those special days in the summer. I'll be crossing the border into the USA and riding the mountains of northern New York and Vermont. No excuse needed, just a bike, friends and the road!

Planning an Iron Butt Day... 1004.3 miles around the state of Colorado.

Last year the Shreveport, LA chapter completed a ride where we had at least one bike on the road during the 24 hours. Our goal was 5,000 and we exceeded that with 6,101 miles. One member even logged 642 miles and he is planning even more miles this year.

Once again, our chapter will have a bike on the road for the entire 24 hours. I'll return home from Club H.O.G. OKC on Sunday afternoon, get some shut eye, and then get up in time to be on the road at midnight. Our goal for the chapter this year --- 10,000 miles. YES WE CAN!

I will be heading back to Clearwater, FL from the Pocono's in PA. So, I know I will add at least 850 miles on Monday, 6/29/09.

Count me and my wife Bonnie in for sure.

I hope to take the day off work (fortunately my boss is fellow rider, so she'll understand) and ride from the upstate of SC to at least midstate and perhaps the coast if I get started early enough. After riding back, that should be between 300-500 miles depending on how far I go. For someone who just started riding this past December, I can't wait...

I plan on riding to lunch - about 190 miles each way. Now, where do I post the results? EEK

Our chapter (Merced Ca) will be riding up to the little "gold rush" town of Mariposa for dinner. Hope to log around 1000 miles between us.

This will be my first MMM! Picked up my first HD a 2009 Street Glide just after Easter. I am taking MMM off from work and planning to ride all day! It should be loads of fun helping HOG reach 5 million miles this year! Live to Ride!

When you think of Hawaii you think of Surf, Hula Skirts, and Mai Tai's. Well we also ride Hawaiian Hog Style with shorts and flip flops. We will be riding Hawaiian Style on MMM!

Hopefully I will leave Hatboro, PA on June 19, headed to Alexandria, VA to be joined by our youngest daughter. We will then make our way via the skyline drive and blue ridge parkway, followed by the interstates to visit our oldest daughter and son-in-law in Nashville,TN. the journey to Nashville of approximately 700 miles will be made on our 2003 road king and my daughter's 2008 nightster. Our other daughter and son-in-law will greet us on their 2004 sportster. On June 29, we plan to be on the road headed to Asheville, NC. just doing our parts toward the five million. Wish us fair skies!

You can bet that a bunch of us HOG members from three different Chapters on Oahu, Hawaii will be taking the day off and riding from sunrise, past sunset and into the evening. We're looking forward to twisting alot of throttle in paradise that day to support HOG in striving for five!

Windward Oahu HOG

Monday Five Million Miles in Saudi Arabia. It’s very hot in June over her, BUT for our brother / sister hood, we will ride over 700Km from Riyadh to Dhahran and back on the same day. It’s a great feeling to be part of the global world of HOG.

I am Valerie Ledterman, Regional Manager here at HOG. I am planning a GREAT ride for Million Mile Monday and want to invite everyone who wants to ride along with me. Since MMM is the Monday after the Annual Rally in Oklahoma City, I'll be leaving OKC and heading to Austin, TX. Ride as many miles as you want with me or meet me somewhere along the way. Stops will include Ardmore, OK, Fort Worth, TX, Waco, TX and Round Rock, TX. For specific arrival/departure times and for lodging information, just call 1-800-CLUB-HOG and ask about Valerie's Million Mile Monday ride! If you can't join me, then turn off your TV and turn on your Harley--get out and ride! Enjoy your day!

My wife and I will be in the middle of our long summer trip from Oklahoma to the east coast before heading back west across Canada to Alaska before returning home.

I am still trying to figure out how to get out of work on Million Mile Monday so that I can ride the Dragon's Tail in North GA with our Chapter! If all else fails...I will ride to and from work and on my lunch break.....but I won't be happy about it! Woot! Let's ride!

Just so happens that on the 29th, I will be headed home after meeting with good friends I met from the Motorcycle Syndicate ( I plan on making an Iron Butt run of 950 from western KY to near Philly, PA. Y'all look for the KAG 1 plate and say HEY if you catch me.

I'll be on the 2nd leg of a 3 leg summer to ride to all 48 lower states for my ABC's. MMM should find me crossing into British Columbia, slightly over half way on a planned 7,000 mile trip. I'll just make this one a longer than normal day and try for 500 miles.

My husband & I are doing our annual camping trip on the beach in San Diego for the 4th of July weekend. Coming from Gilbert, Arizona we decided to load our bikes and ride up the coast. I'm sure we can squeeze in some serious miles on that ride.

I won't be doing any riding this year. I'm here in Afghanistan and my bike is not going to be ridden. Someone put a few extra miles on for me.

i have decided to skip work and ride from new york city to eastern long island about 100 mile trip ,im going to start to polish the fat boy for the big day, hhmmm that sounded weird?

After a nut and bolt restoration and 350 miles to work out the kinks, I plan to ride my 1942 WLA to work on million mile Monday. I'll meet some County Motor Sheriffs for our Monday morning coffee then head to the office. Weather permitting of course!


Yavapai HOG Chapter
What we did for the million mile monday was take a group ride from Prescott, AZ to Page, AZ and back. Logging on 2,200 mile round trip. Can't beat a monday like that with good HD friends!
Director Yavapai HOG

MMM 6/29 will be taking the long way to work and back, plus my whole hour lunch just feeding the soul. Should be about 2-3 hours of riding.
Shooting for 200+. Good Luck 2 All!!

On Friday June 26 we will be leaving on our Alaska trip, from Bellefonte, Pa. We will be accompanied by Cliff and Chrissy Forsythe. On Monday June 29th will be riding from Denver, Co to Cody, Wy. about 450 miles. The Alaska trip will take 6 weeks and be about 12000. Wish us luck.

I'm making a lunch run to The Knuckle in Sturgis, SD. An 850 mile round trip from home in Denver, CO,

I will ride to work, a round-trip of about 60 miles. I'll do the same on the 30th and then NEVER AGAIN.

I am retiring on June 30 at age 61 after almost 40 years in the criminal justice system (police officer then lawyer/prosecutor) in CT.

Very soon I'll have PLENTY of time to ride !!

Two other couples are riding with my husband (JW) and I (Tinker) to California to experience the ride along Hwy 101 on the coast. On June 29th we will be riding from Albuquerque,New Mexico to Ridgway,Colorado a total of 296 miles. Our total ten day trip will be 3,976.

I plan to get up early and take the long way to work and back plus a possible detour to a local casino. Or I could be running from another hurricane since 6/29 is during hurricane season here in south Mississippi.

I turn 50 today and on Sunday, June 28th will graduate with my Master's Degree in Business Administration. I plan to skip work and use Million Mile Monday to celebrate both accomplishments on my Softail Deluxe!

Me and a few friends (10-15) are getting together. We are going to ride in eastern Iowa/western Ill. We are going to try to visit Harley dealerships in Dubuque Ia, Galena Ill, Clinton IA , Davenport Ia,Burlington IA,Coraville Ia,Cedar Rapids IA. 7 hours and 450 miles est. Hopefully they are all open on M.M.M.

I'll be making the Twisted Sisters run in Leakey Texas from where I live it's about 350 mile ride... Ride Safe and Have Fun

On June 29th I will be riding to work and back. It is a total of 100 miles, I think I can get out early and put on some extra miles. Be safe everyone!

On June 29th, I will be putting as many miles as reasonable and safe riding the Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina while on vacation. To bad I can't count all the other miles during my 10 days of riding in the mountains.
Ride Safe

My day for the million will be just rideing to school and back to work which will be a little over 100 miles.

I will be in the middle of one of my life long dream trips. Me and my buddies will be leaving Atlanta, GA and riding to Glacier National Park near Kalispell, Montana and then back through the Beartooth Pass, Yellowstone National Park and then back home to Atlanta, Georgia. So we will do our part for the Million Mile Monday.

Going to Daytona for vacation from West Palm Beach. Don't have specific plans, but will be with good friends and great riding area. Ready to run up the miles!!

Will be riding proud as my girlfriend and I call in "Harley" on the big day. SHhhh! Don't tell my boss!

Option A)50 miles round trip to/from work.
Option B) ? miles "Call of Well" :)

As a retired 65 year old Lady of Hog: I am planning to leave my home in Dove Creek,Co on the 28 th of June and heading for Oliver, British Columbia, Canada. The round trip will be about 3000 miles!! Does that help the cause of Strive for Five !!!! LOL.

On June 29th, we should be 4 days into our trip from Danville In to most points in Colorado, starting with Durango. Total trip miles should be approximatly 3200. That particular day?? Maybe 200-250 miles.

Our HOG Chapter is planning another trip for Million Mile Monday. It will be over a 100 miles before the afternoon ends. 5 million miles is absolutely possible given the energy and passion of Harley riders!

I've had plans to attend Club H.O.G.OKC since it was first announced in HOG tails. Unfortunately, my wife has conflicting plans at the Grand Canyon, and won't be able to make it to OKC. She also has plans in Las Vegas on 5 July 29th and ride towards Las Vegas, NV.
I've done the distance before, riding 1000 plus miles in 24 Monday, after the Party at club Hog.
It's a challenge. But it's all about the ride.
Ride Safe and Have Fun.

HOG member since 1998

We are making Million Monday part of a long weekend trip to the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. Marcia and I will be riding with Pomona Valley HOG Chapter and will be gone June 26-29. Our group should be posting a nice contribution to Monday's total as there will be 35-40 of us going.

Already watching the weather in the Midwest to plan for the big day. Can't wait to see what everybody else is thinking. I wonder how many states/countries will be represented?

Like the author of this article, my wife and I will also spend that Monday riding back from Club H.O.G.OKC to North Carolina. I expect that we will do 1000 miles that day between the two of us.

I have a 320 mile day planned for North Fresno CAL H.O.G #228. Our goal is to reach 10k from our Club. The challenge has been dropped!

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